The most beautiful spots on the island. An island rich in ancient traditions.

Favignana, together with Marettimo and Levanzo, is one of the islands that make up the Egadi archipelago. An archipelago that smells of sunburnt earth, which evokes the suggestive atmosphere of the dirt paths between tuff quarries and dry stone walls of the fields, where the blinding white of the limestone coast contrasts with the intense turquoise of the sea. Favignana is the most beautiful and most dreamed of island for a holiday that smells of nature and sea and Cala Rossa is one of its most fascinating beaches.

The Cala Rossa beach in Favignana

Cala Rossa is a beach located inside splendid tuff quarries, considered by some to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. Here the sea, transparent and inviting, is embraced by a frame of cliffs that run all around it and from which you can admire the panorama.

Origin of the name Cala Rossa

Behind the crystalline sea of Cala Rossa lies a story which, according to some, has given this beach its name. Cala Rossa would refer in fact to a violent battle between Romans and Carthaginians that took place in 241 BC. right on the Sicilian beach and which tinged the waters of the sea with blood. Today the memory of this bloody struggle is far away and tourists can enjoy the crystal clear waters that bathe Cala Rossa.

How to reach Cala Rossa

To reach Cala Rossa, once you have passed the center of Favignana you need to continue north until you reach a panoramic area located above the beach. The first part of the road is asphalted and easily accessible by car. It then turns into a dirt path that leads to the enchanting cove in about 10 minutes of walking.

Cala Rossa can also be reached by sea. One of the things to do in Favignana is certainly to take a day on the boat to reach the most beautiful points of the island by sea and dive where the sea is bluer.

Favignana Island: how to get there

To visit the splendid Cala Rossa beach, you must first arrive on the island of Favignana. The only way to reach Favignana is by sea from the port of Trapani. The companies Siremar and Ustica Lines manage the maritime traffic from Trapani to Favignana and the other Egadi islands with ferries, hydrofoils and catamarans: in high season, given the large number of tourists who go to these beautiful places, it is better to book in advance. If you have your own boat you can reach Favignana and moor in Punta Larga.

What to see on the Island of Favignana

Those who go on holiday to Favignana find themselves in a place of peace, which seems out of time, where they can admire enchanting landscapes, explore the island by bicycle, go on boat and walking excursions, and sunbathe on one of the most beautiful beaches , Cala Rossa. From your arrival, you will be enraptured by the beauty of the small port of Favignana. Go to the highest point of the island to discover the ancient Castle of Santa Caterina, a Norman fortress built in stone for the purpose of defensive bulwark and sighting. From up there it dominates the coast that contains all the wonders to visit.

In addition to its singular shape, the peculiarities of Favignana are the tuff quarries and archaeological areas such as that of San Nicola, the tuna traps and the archaeological museum located inside the former Florio palace.

Tuna, Favignana specialty

One of the things not to miss in Favignana is tuna. After a dip in Cala Rossa, when you get hungry, it's time to discover the dishes of the typical Favignana cuisine where tuna is the undisputed protagonist. Bottarga, ventresca, mosciame, lattume and sosizzella are some of the delicacies of tuna which is processed here in the numerous tuna traps and preserved according to ancient traditions.

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